DBplus Evaluation Tool

It's easy to estimate the value of a pension in DBplus by the CAAT Pension Plan.

With just a few pieces of information, get an estimate of the valuable lifetime retirement income you could earn in DBplus, and compare it to the contributions you would make.

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Try the DBplus Evaluation Tool if you are not currently a member of the CAAT Pension Plan.

How does it work?

You enter your birth date, earnings, and an enrolment date, and the tool projects your pension. The DBplus Evaluation Tool starts by showing your pension at age 65. Once you've seen the annual pension, click "Show the value of my pension" to see the value of a lifetime of pension payments compared to your contributions.

You can choose any retirement date or age (from age 50 to the end of the year you turn 71) to model any retirement scenario.

Terms of Use

The DBplus Evaluation Tool was developed to illustrate the value of a DBplus lifetime pension. Results are based on information you provide, and are not reviewed or verified by the CAAT Pension Plan, or your employer.

The DBplus Evaluation Tool uses the data you enter to make projections into the future to arrive at retirement dates, approximate pension, contributions, and increases through indexation.

Other assumptions are built into the DBplus Evaluation Tool based on the Plan's actuarial assumptions and/or Plan terms. You can learn more on our website.

Use of the DBplus Evaluation Tool does not imply entitlement to a pension.

These estimates are not binding on the CAAT Pension Plan, or your employer.

The results from the DBplus Evaluation Tool should not be considered financial advice.

Benefits payable under a registered pension plan, such as the CAAT Pension Plan are capped at the Income Tax Act (ITA) Maximum pension limit.

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Calculation assumptions
Basic information
After you have made changes, click on "Calculate" to see the impact on your pension. Click "Reset" to go back to the original. For details on the impact of each assumption, refer to the "Help" files.
Enter required values to start projection
Click “Show the value of my pension” to see the excellent value a pension from DBplus provides over your lifetime in retirement.