Retired Member Handbook

You’ve completed your working career with an employer that participates in the Plan and are entering the next stage in your life – retirement.

With a steady stream of pension payments, inflation protection and survivor benefits, you’re well on your way to a retirement income you can count on. For life.

A pension for life

As a retired member of the CAAT Pension Plan, you’ll receive regular pension payments every month for the rest of your life.

Your pension from the CAAT Plan

The CAAT Pension Plan administers the pension benefits for members who have retired from the an employer that participates in the Plan.

As a retired member of the CAAT Pension Plan, you’ll receive regular pension payments every month for the rest of your life. Your pension payments were calculated using a formula based on your years of service and earnings – not on contributions, account balances or fluctuations in investment markets.

This handbook is your guide as you navigate retirement. From your first pension payment through the life events along the way, there’s a lot to understand about your pension. Learn about the value of a survivor pension, inflation protection and bridge benefits. Find out when and how the CAAT Plan will be in touch with you – and when you should be in touch with your Plan.

Please take a few moments to read this handbook carefully, and save it for future reference. Although this handbook was created specifically for retired members, your spouse or beneficiaries may find it useful as well.

Staying informed

Ongoing communication is the best way for us to keep you informed about the CAAT Plan’s activities. Our goal is to provide communication you can use – making it relevant and personal to you as a retired member. You can expect to receive regular correspondence from the Plan during retirement.

Retired Member Annual Statements

When you were an active member in the CAAT Plan, you received an Annual Statement to help you understand how much pension you had earned and what your retirement options were.
Now you will receive a Retired Member Annual Statement. This is a personalized and detailed breakdown of your monthly pension, inflation protection increases, and beneficiary information, which are important for your understanding and for your records.

If you ever need to make changes to your spousal or beneficiary information, please contact us.

Retired Member Newsletters

The newsletter is mailed to you during the year, and will keep you up to date on the ongoing status of the pension fund and Plan changes related to retired members. The newsletter, along with electronic versions of our print publications, can also be found on our website at

My Pension NewsLink

You may have signed up for our email news service as an active member of the Plan.
My Pension NewsLink is your source for all pension news.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive email updates straight from the Plan – and as soon as they happen. NewsLink subscribers are first to hear about Plan changes and other pension news.
If you did sign up as an active member and will continue to use the same email address, you can update your status information from “Active Member” to “Retired Member” to ensure you’re receiving the most relevant updates. You can do this by checking a previous NewsLink email you received for the link to update your status. If you have not signed up yet or are now using a new email address, go to our website to subscribe.

Other ways we keep in touch

Part of our fiduciary duty is to ensure we pay the right amount of pension to the right person. From time to time, we will contact you by mail to confirm some of your personal information. Your prompt response to the Pension Confirmation is very important, as it assures us that we are paying pensions accurately and appropriately.

Please note that we will never contact you via email to request personal information.

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