Collecting your pension

Throughout your working years, you built your pension as you and your employer contributed to the CAAT Pension Plan. Now is the time to enjoy your retirement, secure that you have a reliable stream of pension income that will be paid to you for the rest of your life.

Less than 40% of Canada's working population is fortunate enough to belong to an employer-sponsored pension plan. As a retired member of the CAAT Plan you have access to a stable source of income from the time you retire until your death. It comes with annual increases to offset the inflation and includes survivor benefits to continue payments to your spouse when you die.

Today's seniors are spending more time in retirement than previous generations. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including a decrease in the average retirement age, and the steady increase in life expectancy. For some, it is now possible to spend the same amount of time in retirement as in the workforce, and your CAAT Plan pension can help make that time comfortable.

Payments made by direct deposit

Your monthly pension is paid by convenient and secure direct deposit into your bank account on the first day of each month, for that month. If you retired before age 65 and are receiving a bridge benefit, the bridge benefit payment is included with your lifetime pension in one payment.

Your pension payments start in the month following your retirement, providing all of the necessary forms and documents are accurately completed and promptly submitted.

Income tax will be deducted from your monthly pension payment if it applies.

Important note about proof of age

If you are applying for your pension, you will be required to provide proof of age. Acceptable proof of age includes any government issued identification (federal or provincial) that clearly shows the card holder’s date of birth, excluding health cards, (e.g. passport, birth certificate, citizenship card, driver’s license). Please note that payment will not be made unless proof of age is provided.

Receiving your pension abroad

Those of you who spend the winter months, or have retired permanently outside of Canada, will want to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of your monthly pension. Regardless of your country of residence, you should have no problems collecting your pension benefit.

If you're among the "snowbirds" who winter abroad your pension payment will continue to be deposited into your Canadian bank account. Even if you relocate to another country permanently, you can benefit from the convenient direct deposit service to a Canadian bank - or you can choose to have your cheque in Canadian funds mailed to your foreign address.

It's worth noting that the income tax deducted from your employment and government pensions may be affected by your new country of residence. The Canada Revenue Agency offers a variety of information that you should investigate before you leave.

2020 Pension payment dates


2020 Pension Payment dates


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