Your Statement is coming in April

Posted for Retired Members, March 27, 2017

1. Complete your Pension Payment Confirmation form on time

The pension confirmation process is one of the ways we keep your pension safe, by ensuring we are paying the right pension to the right person. Turn to page 7 of your Annual Statement to find your Pension Payment Confirmation form. As a retired member (or surviving spouse), you are required to complete this form and return it to the Plan.

We’ve made it easy for you to complete this annual process:

  • Complete section A of the form and check the box to confirm we’re paying the right pension to the right person.
  • Sign and date section A of the form, and tear or cut it carefully along the perforated edge.
  • Return the completed form to the CAAT Pension Plan using the postage-paid return envelope included in this package.

In the event that a pension recipient is unable to complete the form on their own, and is represented by the holder of a valid and operative Power of Attorney for Property, that individual is required to complete and sign section B of the form, and return it to the Plan on behalf of the recipient.

It’s important that we receive the completed Pension Payment Confirmation form by the May 31, 2017 deadline; failure to return the form by the deadline may result in the temporary suspension of your pension, until we receive confirmation. This annual process only takes a few minutes, and will help us keep our records up to date.

2. Use your Member ID

Your Member ID is a unique identification number associated with the pension you earned in the Plan. This six digit number is now front and centre on page 3 of your Annual Statement, and can also be found on most of the correspondence you receive from the Plan. If you send an email or call our Member Services team, your Member ID will help us confirm your identity to ensure we’re speaking to the right person about your pension.

Take note of your Member ID, as it’s one of the ways we help protect your pension information and the security of your personal information.

3. Notify us of any changes

Not only does your Annual Statement provide you with details about your pension, but it also gives you the opportunity to review the information we have on file so that we continue to send your pension to the right place.

If, once you’ve reviewed your Annual Statement, you need to report a change to your mailing address, marital status or banking information, contact the Plan directly. Some changes must be submitted in writing. You can download the following forms from our website, or contact our Member Services team to have a copy of the form sent to you:

  • Report a change to your address, marital status or banking information using the Retired Member Change form.
  • To report a banking change only, use the convenient Direct Deposit form.

Keep in mind that if you and your spouse separate or divorce, the Plan may require copies of your divorce or separation agreement. There may be additional forms that you’ll need to complete if you wish to divide your pension with your former spouse.

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