Member surveys show strong trust in Plan

Posted for Retired Members, January 3, 2020

Our annual surveys of retired and active members finished in September and the findings are steady and strong. Nearly 2,900 retired members and more than 3,100 active members responded, up slightly from last year. Thank you to all who took part.

96% see the value of their pension

Asked to rate the value they are receiving from their pension, compared to the contributions they or their spouse made to the Plan while working, 96% of retired member respondents said the value is excellent (37%), good (43%) or reasonably good (16%).

In their survey, 94% of active members rated the value of the pension they will receive for their contributions as excellent (18%), good (46%) or reasonably good (30%).

98% agree member interests are well represented through joint governance of Plan

On the topic of the Plan’s independent governance structure, 98% of retired members with an
opinion said they agreed (78%) or strongly agreed (20%) that member interests are well represented through equal representation by members and employers on the Board of Trustees and Sponsors’ Committee.

99% trust Plan; reputation and expertise also receive high marks

Among respondents with an opinion, 99% said they trust the CAAT Plan, 95% said the Plan has an excellent or good reputation, and 99% agreed the Plan has the expertise to manage effectively and prudently.

Some comments from respondents to the 2019 survey of retired members:

“The fund is well managed by a team representing the various constituent groups. The team is always on the lookout for ways to expand and strengthen the base to keep the pension strong and sustainable.”

“The pension is terrific and the information you send out is very comprehensive. If anyone had a chance to join I’d encourage them to do so.”

“My pension income allows me a lifestyle that is wonderfully full of life, love and laughter!”