2017 opinion surveys show members rate Plan highly

Posted for Retired Members, January 3, 2018

The annual survey of retired members and surviving spouses and the survey of active members were completed by early September and the findings reported to the Board of Trustees for consideration at their strategy planning session held in October.

  • 4,928 survey respondents including 2,231 retired members

Respondents gave the Plan high marks for value, reputation, expertise, governance, and advocacy with the government. More than 400 active members and almost 900 retired members and surviving spouses added comments. The survey results are being studied to determine how the Plan can continue to improve.

I am delighted to be a member of the CAAT Pension Plan! It is a model plan and I feel really confident and reassured that it is one of the very best managed plans in the world! Thank you!

Retired member comment on the 2017 survey

Pension viewed as valuable by 98%

When asked in this year’s survey to rate the value they feel they are receiving from their pension compared to the contributions they or their spouse made while working, 98% of retired members and survivors said they feel they are getting excellent value (32%),
good value (47%) or reasonably good value (20%).

In a similar survey of active members, 93% rated the value of the pension they are building compared to the contributions they are making as excellent, good, or reasonably good. This is very positive considering the average member is contributing 12% of earnings.

Read the complete survey results.