A new defined benefit design for members working part-time or on contract

Posted for Members, September 26, 2018

A positive change for members who work part-time or on contract will take effect on January 1, 2019.

DBplus is the new way members who work part-time or on contract will build their valuable defined benefit pension. It offers the valuable features members want, such as predictable lifetime income in retirement, inflation protection, survivor benefits and allows for early retirement.

All CAAT Pension Plan members who work part-time or on contract will automatically start earning their future pension with DBplus, effective January 1, 2019. DBplus is designed with a focus on maximizing the lifetime pension that members who work part-time and on contract collect in retirement. Benefits earned before January 1, 2019 will remain under the current Plan design.

DBplus provides similar lifetime benefit value for contributions to the current Plan design. With DBplus, the average member can expect over a typical career $8 in lifetime pension payments to them and their eligible surviving spouse for every $1 they contributed.

Who does DBplus apply to?

Members who work part-time or on contract (referred to as “other than regular full-time” or “OTRFT”) will automatically start earning DBplus benefits, effective January 1, 2019.

A member is OTRFT if they are an employee of a participating employer, but do not hold a regular full-time position. Generally, that is someone who is employed on a part-time basis, or employed on a contract with an end date. Note that while on a contract, you may work full-time hours, but would be considered an OTRFT member.

When you retire, your total pension will be a combination of the pension you earned in the current Plan design plus the pension you earned in DBplus, plus Average Industrial Wage (AIW) enhancements. In addition, for every year you contribute to DBplus, you earn an additional year towards your early unreduced eligibility in the current Plan design. Learn more about the features of DBplus.

Do I need to do anything?

If DBplus applies to you, you’ll receive a letter from the CAAT Plan before the end of the year. It will provide you with information about the transition to DBplus, and the pension benefits you’ll earn under this new design. Be sure to visit the new DBplus Estimator, so you can estimate your combined pension from the current Plan design, and DBplus, at any retirement date you choose.

As of January 1, 2019, employees who work part-time or on contract who haven’t joined the CAAT Plan still have the option to join DBplus at any time during their employment.

Join us for a webinar on October 10, 2018, at 12 pm.

Register here to learn about the features of DBplus in an hour-long online information session. It is a great way to have your questions answered by a CAAT pension expert.

Learn more on our website!

Learn more about DBplus. Watch the videos and estimate your pension with the DBplus Estimator.

Are you full-time? If so, you will continue to earn a pension under the current design.

Full-time employees joined under the current Plan design when hired. If your employment switches to OTRFT, you will begin earning pension benefits in DBplus. The Pension you earned in the current Plan design will continue to increase alongside your DBplus pension for as long as you are a contributing member.


DBplus is the result of amendments to the CAAT Plan text that were filed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) – you can see the text here. The CAAT Plan is registered with FSCO under Registration No. 0589895. If you have any comments on the amendments to the CAAT Plan, you can submit them to the CAAT Plan at 250 Yonge Street, Suite 2900, P.O. Box 40, Toronto ON  M5B 2L7 or by email at ccaat@caatpension.on.ca. Or you may submit your comments to Ontario Superintendent of Financial Services at 5160 Yonge Street, P.O. Box 85, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6L9 (please note the CAAT Plan name and registration number in any correspondence with the Superintendent).