Governance update

Posted for Members, December 6, 2017

As a jointly sponsored pension plan, members and employers are equally represented on the Board of Trustees. Part of this equal representation includes a regular 18-month change in the Chair and Vice-Chair positions.

Most recently, Scott Blakey, an Employer Trustee, has been appointed to the role of Chair of the Board, and Donald Wright, an Employee Trustee and former Chair of the Board, assumed the role of Vice-Chair. These appointments came into effect on October 1, 2017.

We thank the outgoing Vice-Chair, Beverly Townsend, for her service in the roles of Chair, and Vice-Chair. She remains a member of the Board of Trustees, and sits on the Board’s Finance and Administration Committee.

Appointments and resignations:

Kelly Murray-Scott, as OCASA representative, resigned from the Sponsors’ Committee effective September 30, 2017. She is succeeded by Riley Burton, who is the Director, Teaching & Learning Centre at Confederation College.

Mike Seeger, an OCASA representative, completed his term on the Board of Trustees, effective September 30, 2017. He is succeeded by Kim Watkins, the Chief Financial Officer of Mohawk College and Treasurer of the Mohawk College Foundation.

We thank Ms. Murray-Scott and Mr. Seeger for their years of service and dedication to the Plan.