4 ways to learn about your retirement

Posted for Members, May 15, 2018

Whether you’re ready to retire, at the start of your career, or anywhere between, it’s not too late or too early to think about your retirement.

Fortunately, the CAAT Pension Plan makes it easy for you to take advantage of our popular and informative retirement planning sessions. Over 90% of members who have attended a session recommend it as a valuable retirement planning resource.

At our in-person sessions, CAAT Plan pension experts answer common questions about retirement, and give you the opportunity to ask questions of your own. You’ll learn about the Plan’s benefits, including flexible retirement date options, valuable survivor benefits, and inflation protection. You’ll get the information you need to understand your options before it’s time to make your decisions about retirement and your pension.

For added flexibility, you can access our retirement planning sessions in a variety of formats, so you’ll never have to miss out:

  1. We come to you: Our pension experts travel the province to hold sessions at your workplace. You get the benefit of an in-person presentation, right where you work.
  2. Regional sessions: Our regional sessions take place at a variety of locations, outside of normal work hours, and are open to all members and their spouses, regardless of where you work.
  3. On-demand videos: The Planning Your Retirement section of our website features videos based on our in-person presentations that you can watch, share, and watch again any time.
  4. Watch a webinar: We offer our sessions as webinars you can attend from the convenience of your desk. All you need is an internet connection to access these one-hour presentations.

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