Employer News - September Roundup

Posted for Employers, September 17, 2020

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Member Annual Statements – 99% of mailing complete

Active member annual statements have been processed and mailed, with the exception of a small group.

We will be mailing a letter to each of those members to apologize for the delay. Their statements will be mailed to them as soon as possible. If members have not received their statement, or receive the letter advising of the delay on their statement, advise them that they can contact the Plan and we can provide further assistance.

Employers will receive their copies of statements and statement data, including HAPE information, by the end of October.

Employer survey - we appreciate your input

Our 2020 annual surveys of active members, retired members, and employers closed on Friday, September 11.

Thank you for your participation in the annual employer survey, and for your efforts to encourage employees to complete the active members survey. The feedback shared in the surveys is of tremendous importance.

We look forward to sharing the results of these 2020 surveys with you in a future newsletter.

2019 DCT contribution reconciliations – reports delayed

We are experiencing a delay in the 2019 DCT contribution reconciliations. Our Finance team will begin sending reports in late September.

As a reminder, after you have reviewed your report, if there is an outstanding balance, please speak to the CAAT Finance team to arrange payment. If there is an overpayment, please take a credit on your next remittance.

Annual employer administration process reviews: focus on DCT

The annual employer administration process reviews help us understand the issues you experience during the pension administration process. This continued collaboration is a valuable tool for us to increase our understanding of pension administration issues from the employer perspective.

This year, the review will focus on the DCT process, including the first year of DBplus reporting.

How does the review work?

We will reach out to four or five employers to schedule virtual review sessions.

If you agree to participate, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete before the review session. We will review your responses and come to you with any follow up questions during the review session.

Enhancing service and support to employers - outreach meetings this fall

We are seeking your feedback on the timeliness and accuracy of the services that we provide you and your members.

During the fall months, Angela Goodchild and Sandy Cook will hold individual outreach meetings for a small group of employers to discuss your feedback.

96% of pension payment confirmations received – follow-up letters have been sent

As of September 14, we have received 16,170 pension payment confirmations, with 585 outstanding.

Please direct any retired members or surviving spouses who have questions about their letter to our member services hotline, toll-free at 1.866.350.2228, or in Toronto at 416.673.9000.

Book a member webinar for the fall!

We are now booking member webinars for the fall. To arrange a webinar for your members, contact presentations@caatpension.on.ca with your preferred date so we can secure it for you.

We will also be offering a series of webinars to all members this fall, so keep an eye on your inbox this month to register.

New contact for member webinars

At the end of September, Sylvia Golebiowski, Lead, Pension Education will be going on a leave. Stephanie Ross will be replacing Sylvia while she is on leave and is now available for all member presentations. If you would like to book a webinar for your employees, please contact Stephanie at presentations@caatpension.on.ca at any time.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to take note of the following dates, and register for and attend upcoming sessions:

  • October 1—Employer education session—Leaves and pension purchases
  • November 5—Employer education session—Pensionable earnings, contributions and pension adjustments
  • November 24—Employer update
  • Coming in November—Portal training

Invitations for the webinars will be sent out approximately two weeks in advance.