Employer News - May Roundup

Posted for Employers, May 8, 2019

News & Events

Annual report now available on our website 

The Plan’s 2018 annual report was released at the end of April. If you were unable to attend the webinar presented by CEO Derek Dobson on May 2, you will be able to watch it on our website. The video of the session will be posted in the next couple of weeks.

Read the annual report on our website.

New PAs join the Service Delivery team

The Service Delivery team is growing! As part of this growth, some members of our team will be taking on new roles in Service Delivery. This provides the team with an opportunity to diversify our experience with new staff who have a variety of knowledge and backgrounds.

Our focus is to continue to support our employers with knowledgeable, responsive customer service through our experienced PAs. Our current team members will still be here to support our new team members as they develop in their new roles on the team.

Your current PA will let you know over the next couple of weeks if there will be a change for you.

Contact Belinda Quinlan or Sandy Cook with any questions you may have.

Annual Statements mailed for 29 employers – 50% complete

Annual Statements are on track to be mailed to active members by the end of May. Special case statements will be mailed out by mid-June. The team continues to review data and, as a result, may have some additional questions for employers.

Employers will receive copies of the active statements by early July. If you require a copy of a member statement before then, contact your Employer PA.

If members have questions, have them contact the Plan through our Member Services hotline.

Retired Member Statements

The Annual statement mailing to retired members and survivors was completed on April 29. Pension confirmation forms are due by the end of May and are quickly being returned by retired members.

Please refer any retired member inquiries to the Member Services hotline.

Deferred Member Statements

Annual statements to members with deferred pensions were mailed on April 23.

June 30 retirements – documents due June 12

We have received approximately 230 June 30th retirement applications. The deadline for receiving completed pension option forms and supporting documents from members is June 12.

There will be an additional run to set up pensions on July 15 for documents received by July 4.

Changes to DCT for DBplus – coming in June

We are working on the requirements for the DCT for DBplus members. We anticipate there will be only minor changes for employers.

Stay tuned as you will be advised of what will be required for DBplus members by the end of June.

DBplus pension purchases

We have sent 12 DBplus pension purchase quote packages for OTRFT members. DBplus members who are interested in purchasing an eligible period of employment can submit their purchase forms now.

All other types of pension purchases and transfers will be processed starting in July.

Member Presentations – DBplus pension purchase sessions

A new presentation on DBplus pension purchases will be offered to members in a series of webinars starting in May and again in the fall. The DBplus pension purchase session will introduce part-time members to pension purchases. The in-person presentations will be combined with DBprime service purchases for audience members who work full-time.

If members are interested in reading the pamphlets on DBplus pension purchases, they are now available on the CAAT website.

Book a session on DBplus pension purchases now

We are already booking sessions for the fall! Contact us at presentations@caatpension.on.ca, or contact Sylvia Golebiowski directly, to book an in-person session for your members.

Future member and employer portals

We have begun developing a plan for future member and employer portals that will improve the service we provide to our members and employers.

We will be consulting with stakeholders, including members and employers, to ensure the portals are a valuable tool for them. As we are currently in the planning stage, there will be more information to follow in the next few months about the consultations.

With a goal to launch in 2021, the development and launch of the portals will occur in phases to ensure proper governance of the projects, including user needs assessment, data security, impact and efficiency.

A member portal will provide members with secure access to their personal pension data and the ability to perform pension estimates using their own data. In the future releases of the portal, members will be able to initiate transactions and view their pension statements.

The employer portal will streamline administration processes, and reduce the use of paper and PDF forms. It will also enable administrators to see pension information for their employees.

More information will be available in the coming months.

Upcoming events

Be sure to register and attend these upcoming education sessions

Employer Education Session - May 9

Forms overview

Employer Education Session - June 6

Enrolments and Eligibility

Employer Update - July 23

Invitations for each session will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before the webinar.

Service Standard Levels

For the month of April 2019

Event Quantity Service standard compliance
Enrolments 263 processed 100%
Retirements 241 options provided
96 elections processed
Pension Estimates

301 estimates provided (includes 164 estimates provided to one employer with voluntary incentive retirement program)

Terminations 67 notifications of extension of membership (EOM)
48 termination option documents
36 elections processed

Service & Pension Purchase quotes 48 quotes provided 100%