Changes to signature requirements while working remotely

Posted for Employers, April 15, 2020

The CAAT Pension Plan is working to make temporary adjustments so pension processes can continue while employers work remotely due to COVID-19. As always, our top priority is to keep the Plan running smoothly, and we’re working hard to make processes easier while we all work from home. As a result, we are adjusting the way that employers can sign and send member documents that require signatures during this time.

Effective immediately, we are accepting digital signatures from employers on leave notifications, pension benefit applications, termination benefit applications, and change of information forms.

  • If possible, employers should sign the form with a digital signature.
  • If you can’t provide a digital signature, the Plan will also treat a form submitted through S-Doc as having been signed off. In other words, by sending an enrolment form by S-Doc, you are confirming that the information provided has been validated to the same degree as if you had provided your signature.

We will not require a signed copy at a later date.

Enrolment forms will be treated differently as they require a member signature. If the member cannot provide their signature during this time, the completed form with their signature will be required when the state of emergency is lifted.

Please review the scenarios below for details:

Scenario 1 – An enrolment form is already signed by the member, and the employer does not have the capability to provide a signature.
The employer confirms their intent to sign by sending the form by S-Doc. We will not require a signed copy from the employer at a later date.

Scenario 2 – An enrolment form is not signed by member.
The employer should ask the member to print, sign and scan the enrolment form and send it back to them. The employer can send the form to the Plan by S-Doc. We will not require a signed copy from the employer at a later date.

Scenario 3 - The member cannot print, sign and scan the enrolment form.
The employer can complete and send the form to the Plan by S-Doc. The Plan will require a signed copy of the form once a member signature can be provided. Employers should provide members with a copy of the form that has been submitted to CAAT, and request that the member sign and send it back once they are able to do so.

In addition to the adjustments mentioned above, we have set up S-Doc to allow members to send documents directly to the Plan. We will reach out to members by phone and email to provide them with this update.
We are here to help, and we will continue to work out adjustments so critical pension processes can continue. We will be communicating with you more frequently as we work through these adjustments.

For any questions, please contact your employer PA.