Retirement planning session

How much money do I need to retire?

How much pension will I get?

Is my pension secure?

How do I prepare for retirement?

If these questions have ever crossed your mind, you should attend the upcoming retirement planning session.

Do you work part-time or on contract?

Visit the DBplus page to discover how DBplus will maximize the lifetime pensions of members who work part-time or on contract.

These Saturday retirement planning sessions will be led by representatives from the CAAT Pension Plan, who will answer the questions members ask about retiring. During the presentations, you’ll learn about the Plan’s benefits, including flexible retirement date options, valuable survivor benefits, and inflation protection. The sessions use real-world examples and retirement planning tips to help ensure a smooth transition to retirement. Representatives from the CAAT Pension Plan will be available to answer your questions after the presentation.

The session is free of charge, and open to all CAAT Pension Plan members and their guests. Spaces are limited.

Not thinking about retirement yet?

This session will benefit members of any age, and we strongly encourage all members over 50 to attend.

How helpful is the session?

Over 90% of members who have already attended a CAAT Plan retirement planning session say they would recommend it to others. Attendees will receive a free retirement planning workbook.

Upcoming Saturday Sessions

There are no upcoming sessions planned. Please watch this space for future updates.

What do members say about the session?