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Did you know that 90% of members who have attended one of the CAAT Plan's retirement planning sessions say they would recommend it to a colleague?

The CAAT Plan offers free, on-site retirement planning sessions at every employer. At these sessions, pension experts from the CAAT Plan provide useful retirement planning resources and information, and are available to chat one-on-one after each session. If you've never attended, you will find it a valuable retirement planning resource.

Do you work part-time or on contract?

Visit the DBplus page to discover how DBplus maximizes the lifetime pensions of members who work part-time or on contract.

And now, we also offer the session on-demand as an online course. If you've never attended a session, or want a refresher, these videos let you watch the session on your own time.

Feel free to view them one at a time, or dive in and watch them all at once. They’ll always be here if you need a refresher.

Watch these videos if you are an active member of the CAAT Pension Plan, and you are planning to start your pension immediately after you stop working.


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Video #1 - Is my pension secure?

Did you know that DB pension plans benefit more than just members?
Visit Be a Pension Champion to learn how the DB model is cost-effective, helps members earn stable retirement income, and offers benefits to the Canadian economy.

Video #2 - Is my pension worth more than my contributions?

Did you know that it’s investment income that funds the majority of benefits in the CAAT Plan?
Watch the short video Contributions and benefit security  to learn how your contributions work together with investments to keep the Plan sustainable.

Video #3 - How much money do I need for retirement?

What do you want to do when you retire?
Visit our retirement planning pages as part of your retirement planning process.

Video #4 - When can I retire?

Wondering when YOU can retire?
Your Annual Statement shows your projected earliest reduced, unreduced, and normal retirement dates. Click here to learn more about your annual statement.
The Member Handbook contains more information about your different possible retirement dates. Click here to read it online or download a copy.

Video #5 - How much pension will I get?

You don’t have to learn the pension formula!
The 3-Step Pension Estimator on our website lets you model your retirement on any date or age of your choosing. Click here to estimate your pension.
If you’re within five years of retiring, contact the Plan for a formal estimate of up to three different scenarios. Click here to download an estimate request form.

Video #6 - Is my pension adjusted for inflation?

Wondering how it works?
Watch the video Inflation protection on our website to see how the different pensionable service periods affect pensions in payment.

Video #7 - What happens to my pension after I die?

Your pension includes survivor benefits for your eligible spouse no matter when you die
To learn about pre-retirement survivor benefits, visit Survivor Benefits on our website where you can download the pamphlet Protecting your loved ones.
Be sure to check your Annual Statement to ensure your spouse and beneficiary information is up-to-date. You can notify us of changes by completing the Member Change of Information form.

Video #8 - How do government pensions work?

You have to apply to Service Canada to start your government pensions
Visit the Service Canada website to learn more about, and apply for CPP and OAS. You can also request an estimate of your CPP pension. (Click on Canada Pension Plan or Old Age Security.)
Or call 1-800-O-CANADA

Video #9 - What can I do to get started?

Always be the first to know
Subscribe to My Pension NewsLink to be sure you’re always up-to-date on your pension plan. New subscribers get a free copy of the booklet Countdown to retirement. It introduces the steps in the retirement planning process to help you have a smooth start to your retirement.
Our member services team is available to take your pension questions. Email, with any questions you might have.

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I'm going to leave my job before I am eligible to retire.

Learn about your options here

I want to start my pension, which is deferred.

Different early retirement provisions apply to members who start their pensions after being deferred members. Learn about the provisions that apply here.


The retirement planning videos are effective as of January 1, 2020. A detailed legal description of the provisions of the Plan can be found in the Plan Text. Should this information differ, the Plan Text will govern.


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