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Welcome to the CAAT Pension Plan! You are now a member of a secure defined benefit pension plan that lets you start building your retirement income immediately.

Membership in the CAAT Pension Plan is a valuable part of your compensation. Learn more about how we can help you meet your retirement income goals by browsing our website, downloading the handout Soar to retirement, and by watching the video below!

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Do you work part-time or on contract?

Visit the DBplus page to discover how DBplus will maximize the lifetime pensions of OTRFT members. While you're there, watch the videos, and register for upcoming webinars to learn more.

Are you an employer, a representative of a member group, or an employee of an organization interested in joining the Plan’s DBplus design?

Visit for resources that will help you decide if DBplus is right for your organization. You'll also find the DBplus Value Tool, which lets prospective members estimate the lifetime retirement income they can earn in DBplus

Get ready to soar to retirement

Watch the video

Wondering what you get as a member of the CAAT Plan? Fasten your seatbelts and watch the inflight video “Soar to retirement”!

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Welcome aboard the CAAT Pension Plan flight to your future.

Please follow along as we take you through your pre-departure and flight information.

As a new member of the CAAT Pension Plan, you are now part of a well-managed, secure defined benefit pension plan.

This means that your pension is based on your earnings and years of service. The more service you earn, the bigger your pension will be.

Your contributions are matched dollar for dollar by your employer and are tax-deductible.

Not only that, but when you retire, your pension is paid for the rest of your life.

How long is the flight? The CAAT Pension Plan has flexible retirement options.

All members can retire at age 55 or up to 71 – the choice is yours to retire at the time that is best for you!

See for yourself on our 3-step pension estimator for real-life results.

Once in the air, there are many portability options to discover.

You can purchase any past service you may have, or transfer in your pension from a prior plan.

If you change careers, you can take your pension with you or leave it with us for safe keeping until you’re ready to retire.

All of these options allow you to maximize your security when it comes time to retire.

We know your family is along for the ride, so the Plan includes survivor benefits.

In case of any outside turbulence, your CAAT Plan pension includes inflation protection to help your lifetime pension meet rising living costs.

So sit back and relax. We’ll be here to help you soar to retirement.

Download the handout

Read the one-page introduction to the CAAT Pension Plan for new members and potential new hires.

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Where to go next

  • To learn about all the benefits you receive as a member of the CAAT Pension Plan, be sure to have a look at the Member Handbook.
  • Maximize your service by purchasing past service or and transferring it in. You can also use the ACE Tool to get a cost estimate for the former.
  • Use our 3-step Pension Estimator for real-life results on what your future pension will look like.
  • Read about the Annual Statement we send so you know what to expect.


For a general overview of the value of your membership, browse the Member Handbook:

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