Member Handbook

The CAAT Pension Plan now offers separate Member Handbooks for members who work full time and are earning a pension in DBprime, and members who work part time or on contract and are earning a pension in DBplus.

If you move from a part time or contract position to full time, or vice versa, there is an additional booklet that explains how your pension continues to grow when you switch plan designs.

Choose the Handbook that's right for you from the list below, or, visit your HR Department for a print version.



DBprime Member Handbook

Read this if you’re a member of the Plan, and you work full time.

Download (PDF)





DBplus Member Handbook

Read this if you’re a member of the Plan, and work part time or on contract.

Download (PDF)





Continuing your pension when you switch employment type

Read this if you have experienced a change of employment type – either moving from part time or contract employment to full time employment, or vice versa.

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Are you an employer, a representative of a member group, or an employee of an organization interested in joining the Plan’s DBplus design?

Visit for resources that will help you decide if DBplus is right for your organization. You'll also find the DBplus Value Tool, which lets prospective members estimate the lifetime retirement income they can earn in DBplus.

A detailed legal description of the provisions of the CAAT Pension Plan can be found in the Plan Text, which can be accessed at your employer’s Human Resources department or downloaded from the Policies page. If the information in a Handbook, webpage, or any other source differs from the Plan Text, the Plan Text will govern.