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The CAAT Pension Plan publications members are available in print and online so your members will always have access to pension information. Leave the printing to us! Send an email to contact@caatpension.on.ca and let us know how many copies you need, and in which language. We’ll print them on high quality double-sided paper and ship them to you for distribution to your members. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.



Member Handbook

A general overview membership and the provisions of the CAAT Pension Plan. For all members
(32 pages)




Enrolment and recruitment

Soar to Retirement

New member handoutThis one-page handout is an introduction to the CAAT Pension Plan for new members and potential new hires.


Building your pension

Purchasing service

Outlines the types of service that can be purchased. For members going on or returning from leave, or considering a purchase.
(12 pages)

Transferring in service

The types of transfers and the benefits of transferring service into the Plan. For any members with service in a previous plan.
(12 pages)


Events during membership

Disability leave

Explains the CAAT Plan provisions surrounding  long-term disability leaves. Updated for 2016.
(12 pages)

Pregnancy/Adoption Parental leave

Explains the provisions for members going on or returning from pregnancy, parental or adoption leave.
(12 pages)

Disability leave

Explains the treatment of pension assets for active or retired members affected by a marriage breakdown.
(12 pages)

Survivor benefits before retirement

The benefits available to survivors of members who die before retirement. For any member who have questions.
(12 pages)


Retirement planning

Normal Retirement

Details the normal retirement process for members nearing retirement age or considering retiring at age 65.
(12 pages)

Early Retirement

Explains the reduced and unreduced pension and bridge benefit provisions for members considering retiring before age 65.
(12 pages)


Terminating employment


Explains  options and decision-making points for members who are leaving or have left their job. Updated for 2016
(12 pages)




After retirement

Retired Member Handbook

Part of the retirement package the Plan gives to newly retired members. Outlines what to expect after retirement.
(32 pages)

Inflation Protection

Explains how this valuable Plan provision helps protect pensions in retirement. For retired members or any interested member.
(12 pages)


Other publications


Explains how the CAAT Plan protects the personal information of our members. For all new members at hire.
(12 pages)


An overview of the CAAT Retirement Compensation Arrangement for all new or any current CAAT RCA contributors.
(12 pages)