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Employee Enrolment

These sessions help ensure that employees are enrolled, based on their employment status and in accordance with Plan rules.

Employer Education Session - Enrolment Eligibility

Date: June 6, 2019

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This training session will ensure that employees are enrolled based on their employment status and in accordance with the Plan provisions.

This session will also provide an overview of the changes to the DCT for 2019 for DBplus members.

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DBplus enrolments, change of employment and plan design

Date: August 16, 2018

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This session will look at the enrolment process and change of employment process for members who move into and out of the DBplus plan design. We will also be rolling out the new Leave notification and purchase request for ESA Leave of Absence form and the revised Leave notification and purchase request within 6 months for Pregnancy, Parental and Adoption Leave.

Areas of responsibility: any employer staff that completes enrolment forms, employment change forms or leave forms.

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Review the Q&As from this session

Q. If DBplus is mandatory as of January 1,  2019, why do we need to check DBplus or DBprime on the enrolment form?

A. For all new OTRFT hires starting January 1, check DBplus. We need DBprime on the form going forward, just in case we have situations where an employer needs to enroll an OTRFT member in 2018 – and this usually happens at DCT time, when an employer realizes that they’ve been taking contributions off for a part-time employee in 2018, and they now need to send us an enrolment form. We need to know that that particular member needed to be enrolled in the DBprime plan for 2018.

Q. Does every current OTRFT member in DBprime need a change form to be in DBplus as of January 1, 2019.

No you do not need to submit a change form for existing OTRFT members who are transitioning to DBplus on January 1, 2019. That will be done automatically by the Plan. You’ll need to submit a change form for changes that happen after the transition. For example, if you have an employee during the month of January who is moving from full-time to part-time, you’ll need to complete a change form at that time.

Q. Can you explain the difference between DBplus and DBprime?

DBplus is the new plan design for part-time employees that is going to be in effect on January 1, 2019. DBprime is the current design we have now for all members. To differentiate between the different plan designs, we have created the DBprime name for the current plan design, and it will be communicated to members early next year. For now we’re just using it internally, and for employer communications and training.

Q. Will the CAAT Plan send a copy of the DBplus Member Handbook to employers in advance?

The DBplus handbooks will be available early next year. They will be available just like any other communications; you can request that they be sent to you.

Q. For retro payments in 2018 that are paid in 2019, should we use the new DBplus contribution rate or the DBprime rate?

We’ll review that question and post it on the website.

Q. If an employer spreads the “top up” over 18 months while an employee is on pregnancy and/or parental leave, how are contributions made to the Plan for this extended leave?

The employer will be required to match all of the contributions made by the employee, on full deemed earnings during the 18 month leave. The employer can spread the top-up over 18 months, but it will not impact the amount of contributions paid by the member and the employer to the Plan.

Re-enrolments and eligibility

Date: May 4, 2017

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This training session is to ensure that employees are enrolled based on their employment status and in accordance with the Plan provisions.

Areas of responsibility: HR staff who are responsible for enrolment of employees to the Plan.

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Re-enrolment of Plan Members and Eligibility

Date: June 9, 2016

This training session is to ensure that employees are enrolled based on their employment status and in accordance with the Plan provisions.

Areas of responsibility: HR staff who are responsible for enrolment of employees to the Plan.

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Review the Q&As from this session

Q. Will the CAAT Plan develop a tool that Colleges can use to determine if an employee was, or is a member of the Plan?

As we discussed earlier, the reason for requesting the truncated SIN in the monthly non-member data is to allow us to do that comparison. Once we have that data (starting with the December non-member files), we will be able to run the data against the pension administration system and advise you of any potential concurrent employees.

Q. Does new OTRFT employees include those who have a previous work history with the college, but do not have an active contract at the time of enrolment?

The key to whether or not an OTRFT employee must enrol is in these two criteria:

  • Does the employee have a benefit in the Plan?
  • Does the employee have a history of membership in the Plan?

If neither of these are the case, there is no requirement for an OTRFT employee to enrol right away because they have no benefit in the Plan and no previous history with the Plan. They would be treated as a new employee and as an OTRFT employee would have a choice to enrol in the Plan.

Please note however, that an employee cannot enrol if they do not have an active contract on the date of enrolment. Note also that contributions and service must be applied, as of the enrolment date which means a member must be getting paid in respect of the enrolment date.

Q. Can we complete and submit enrolment forms online?

We don’t have a secure portal right now, but we’re looking at it for the future. For now, please continue to use S-DOC.

Q. For missing information on enrolment form, can you please contact us through S-DOC? It would be more efficient.

We can certainly do that.

Q. Does the Plan send membership certificates to new members?


Q. Employees have to give us permission to deduct income tax. What if they don’t give us permission to deduct contributions (by signing the enrolment form)?

For full-time employees, membership in the Plan is a condition of employment. Part-time employees aren’t required to enrol, so if they don’t sign, they’re not enrolled in the Plan.

Q. When an employee is turning 71 when do their contributions need to stop?

Pension payments have to start December 1 of the year the member turns 71, so November 30 would be the latest possible retirement date and contributions would have to stop as of that date. For example, if a member turns 71 in July 2016, and they continue to work, they would continue to contribute, and earn service. By November 30, 2016, contributions will have to stop, and by December 1, 2016, they will start receiving their pension. Note that for members who turn 71 in December, they would still have to start their pension by December 1 of that year.

Q. Can signatures be electronic? Or must they be signed in ink? Are email versions acceptable?

We require you to print and sign it. We don’t need the original copy.  We do not accept electronic signatures. 

Q. What if member sends only PDF signed copy, or other non-original copy?

We don’t require the original, but the document must be signed (not electronically). A scanned document is perfectly acceptable as long as the signature is there.

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Enrolment Eligibility

Date: May 7, 2015

This training session reviewed employ eligibility and ensured that employees are enrolled based on their employment status and in accordance with Plan rules.

Areas of responsibility: Hires

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Review the Q&As from this session

Q: If an OTRFT employee submits enrolment within 31 days of date of hire, but have already received pay before enrolling, should we collect contribution arrears from them based on all earnings from date of hire?

Yes. OTRFT employees who submit their enrolment form within 31 days from the date of hire should have their enrolment back-dated to their date of hire, and contributions deducted.

For an OTRFT employee who submits their enrolment form after 31 days from date of hire, their date of enrolment can coincide with the first date of the next pay period.

Q: For the OTRFT new-hire package, do we print the material from the website?

For forms, please print them from the website. For other publications, the Plan offers a print-on-demand service for all its publications. Contact your Employer PA.

To order, simply email your employer PA with the publication title and quantity. Note that all Plan Member-facing publications are available in English and French.

Q: Are electronic signatures acceptable?

We require a signature on all forms. We accept scanned version of forms, and don’t require the original when they are faxed or sent via S-DOC.

Sometimes the term ‘electronic signature’ is used to refer to a digital signature, which is an electronic certificate, created and verified in a specific manner, to ensure the authenticity of the document. The CAAT Plan does not accept these digital signatures.

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NOTE: Slides 1 to 6 are not displayed in the recording, to see them, download the PDF version of the slides, above.


Part-time employee eligibility notification

Date: November 5, 2013

This Employer Update session reviewed the process for notifying new and existing part-time employees of their eligibility to join the Plan on January 1, 2014.

Areas of responsibility: Hires

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Review the Q&As from the session

Q: Will we still need to mail the original enrolment hard copy form to the Plan,  or is the S-Doc version enough?
A. The Plan will accept signed enrolment forms sent electronically via S-Doc.

Q: Will Full-time members start receiving membership certificates again?
A: Yes. This is a good practice so we will be providing membership certificates to Full-time members.

Q: Will the membership certificates be mailed directly to the new members at home or to the employers for distributing?
A: The Plan will be sending certificates directly to new members at their homes.

Q: Have the new OTRFT enrolment form and 1-page road map been finalized and when will they be available for download from the website?

A: The form and roadmap have been finalized and will be available in the coming days.

Q: Are new members enrolled on receipt of application or January 1, 2014 whichever is later?
A: Contributions are to be made by both the member and the employer retroactive to the date of hire if the employee returns their enrolment forms to join the Plan promptly (within 4 weeks of being notified of their eligibility to join, for example). Should there be a delay in receiving their first pay, or if their enrolment forms are not returned to HR for processing as a result of a delay in paperwork caused by the employer, retroactive contributions are to be made by both the employee and the employer.

If, on the other hand, the member does not submit the signed enrolment form promptly (returned after 4 weeks), membership in the Plan will start on the date the enrolment form was submitted, and contributions would start from the date of membership. In this situation, retroactive contributions to the hire date would not be required, contributions would start from the date of membership on earnings earned after date of membership.


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