Employer Education Guide

This Employer Education Guide outlines CAAT Plan training sessions organized by core areas of responsibility. Education sessions are conducted in webinar format and most are recorded for access at any time. The education program is part of the Employer Attestation of Compliance.

Employee Enrolment


Data Reporting

Publications / Resources

Employer representatives will notify their CAAT Plan Employer PA when they have attended or taken a session. This will become part of the employer training record which will be provided to employers for the annual attestation to show employer participation in this education program.

Ongoing education

In addition to the formal education sessions, ongoing education takes the form of:

  • Regular employer updates in webinar format, recommended for all employers
  • Employer News: monthly emails sent to all employers
  • Onsite visits by CAAT Plan representatives, optional
  • Monthly status updates with Employer PAs

Employee Enrolment

These sessions help ensure that employees are enrolled, based on their employment status and in accordance with Plan rules. Visit Employee Enrolment.



These sessions focus on contributions deducted from members and remitted to the Plan according to the appropriate calculation guidelines. Visit Contributions.


Data Reporting

These sessions help employers collect complete and accurate member and non-member data, and report them to the Plan as required. Visit Data Reporting.


Publications and Resources

These sessions help ensure members receive accurate information and up-to-date documentation about Plan provisions. Visit Publications and Resources.


Training sessions by date

The following training sessions have been offered or are being scheduled. For details, refer the training session pages, accessible via the links.

2019 sessions
January 24 2019 DCT Training Data Reporting
February 21 2019 Termination, Retirement, Death - In-year reporting Data Reporting
March 28 2019 DBplus pension purchases Data Reporting
May 9 2019 Forms review / prior year adjustments from employers Data Reporting
June 6 2019 Re-enrolment of Plan members / Eligibility Employee Enrolment
October 3 2019 Pension Purchases Data Reporting
November 7 2019 Pensionable earnings, service, contributions, and pension adjustments Contributions


2018 sessions
January 11 2018 Revised Employer forms Data Reporting
February 1 2018 DCT Training Data Reporting
April 5 2018 In-year reporting Data Reporting
May 3 2018 Annual Statements (Active, EOM, Retired, Deferred) Resources
June 7 2018 DBplus - Payroll Changes Resources
July 19 2018 DBplus Plan Design Resources
August 16 2018 DBplus enrolments, change of employment and plan design Employee Enrolment
October 18 2018 DBplus – Form Revisions Data Reporting
November 22 2018 Pensionable service, earnings, contributions, and pension adjustments Contributions


2017 sessions
January 5 2017 Revised Employer forms Data Reporting
February 2 2017 DCT Training Data Reporting
April 6 2017 In-year reporting - Terminations, Retirements, Death Data Reporting
May 4 2017 Re-enrolment and eligibility Employee Enrolment
June 8 2017 Plan text changes Resources
October 5 2017 Service purchases and leave reporting Data Reporting
November 9 2017 Pensionable service, earnings, contributions, and pension adjustments Contributions


2016 sessions
November 3 2016 Pensionable Earnings, Service, Contributions, PAs Contributions
October 6 2016 Service Purchases Data Reporting
July 14 2016 New Employer Manual training Resources
June 9 2016 Re-enrolment of Plan members / Eligibility Employee Enrolment
May 5 2016 Annual Statement overview Resources
April 7 2016 In-year reporting: Termination, Retirement, Death Data Reporting
March 3 2016 Plan changes effective July 1, 2016 Resources
February 4 2016 DCT Data Reporting
January 7 2016 Service Levels – Roles and Responsibilities Resources


2015 sessions
Nov 12 2015 Pensionable Earnings, Service, Contributions and PAs Contributions
Oct 8 2015 Service Purchases Data Reporting
June 2015 Survivor Benefits Resources
May 2015 Eligibility Employee Enrolment
April 2015 In-year reporting Data Reporting
March 5 Service Level Standards Resources
Feb 3rd, 4th Revised DCT training Data Reporting
Jan 8 Leaves forms and reporting Data Reporting


2014 sessions
Dec 4 In-year reporting III - Service Purchases and Transfers Data Reporting
Nov 4 Pensionable Earnings, Service, Contributions and PAs Contributions
Oct 14 Survivor Benefits Resources
July 3 Revised DCT overview Data Reporting
July 3 Service level standards Resources
May 27 RCA Overview for Employers Resources
Feb 4 Data Collection Tool workshop for 2014 - 2013 data Data Reporting


2013 sessions
Nov 5 Eligibility for OTRFT participation (Employer Update session) Employee Enrolment
Sept 12 In-year reporting webinar Data Reporting
Jun 27 Part-time service and annualization webinar Contributions
May 30 CAAT Plan overview webinar Resources
April 11 Full-time Service and annualization methodology webinar Contributions
Feb 14 2013 Data Collection Tool workshop - 2012 data Data Reporting


2012 sessions
Nov 1 Service Purchases - Best practices webinar Data Reporting