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lightbulbThe CAAT Pension Plan is a Modern DB (defined benefit) plan, delivering secure lifetime pensions to its members at an appropriate cost. The CAAT Plan offers effective pension management expertise, with a proven investment program, joint governance, and permanent exemption from solvency funding.

Join a Modern DB Plan

Being part of a well-managed Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plan (JSPP) can, on a cost-effective basis, help organizations - whether private or public sector - exit the business of pension management and focus on core functions. Download one of the following booklets to learn how to offer your employees a Modern DB pension solution that delivers benefit security and contribution stability at an appropriate cost.


If you offer a single employer DB pension plan:


Download: "A proven solution to pension sustainability" (PDF)

If you do not offer a pension plan, or offer a DC or RRSP arrangement:

Download:"A proven solution to delivering meaningful pensions" (PDF)

Valuable benefits for your organization

If your organization already offers a DB pension plan, joining the CAAT Plan offers the advantages of a multi-employer, Modern DB Plan, including:

  • All employer expenses are included in CAAT Plan contributions, including the costs and fees of operating the pension plan and investing its assets.
  • Reduced legal, actuarial and custodial fees.
  • Permanent exemption from solvency funding.
  • A proven investment program, with functional joint governance and a transparent funding policy.

Even organizations that do not currently offer a pension plan, or that offer DC or RRSP arrangements, can take advantage of the opportunity to offer a cost-effective, sustainable pension solution to employees through the CAAT Pension Plan.


Valuable benefits for your employees

Here are a few reasons why 91% of our members see the value of the pension they will receive for their contributions as excellent, good, or reasonably good value:

  • Stable and predictable retirement benefits, paid for life, without the worry of outliving their retirement savings.
  • Conditional inflation protection to offset the impact of cost of living increases.
  • A lifetime pension paid to a retired member’s surviving spouse, even if the member marries after retirement.
  • Pre-retirement survivor benefit options.
  • Flexible early retirement options, with an additional bridge benefit paid to age 65.
  • Pension portability among the Plan’s 39 participating employers, and high portability with other plans.
  • The option to purchase eligible pension service or transfer pensions from any registered pension plan in Canada to build a bigger DB pension.


A proven solution for the Royal Ontario Museum

In 2016, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) merged its single-employer pension plan with the CAAT Plan. This was the first of its kind to use Ontario’s new regulations permitting the conversion and transfer of assets from a single-employer pension plan in the broader public sector to a jointly governed, multi-employer pension plan. The regulations came into effect November 1, 2015.

This merger led to greater efficiencies and eliminated the ROM's pension management risk, while delivering quality and desirable defined benefit pensions to its employees. This move enabled the ROM to exit the pension management business and focus on its core mandate of operating one of North America’s largest museums. The response to the merger from the ROM’s plan members, management and board was overwhelmingly positive. To learn more about the merger, read the news release.

The CAAT Pension Plan by the numbers:

  • 113% funded as of January 1, 2017
  • $1.6 billion in funding reserves
  • $9.4 billion net assets
  • 8.0% net investment return in 2016
  • 10.5% net 5 year annualized rate of return, resulting in
  • $710 million of value added above policy benchmark returns


  • 44,700 active and retired members.
  • 39 participating employers
  • 50 years of pension management experience;
  • 22 years as a Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plan

Interested in learning more? Take the next step

If you represent an interested employer or member group and would like to speak to us, contact the CAAT Pension Plan directly.

Derek Dobson, CEO & Plan Manager
416.673.9001 / ddobson@caatpension.on.ca

Evan Howard, Vice President, Pension Management
647.837.3377 / ehoward@caatpension.on.ca

Download the booklet "A proven solution to pension sustainability" to learn about the merger process for DB Plans and their members.

Download the booklet "A proven solution to delivering meaningful pensions" to learn about the benefits for DC pension and group RRSP savings arrangements, and those without a pension plan.