Growing Plan membership benefits all

Welcoming other organizations into the CAAT Plan has benefits for all stakeholders. The CAAT Plan Board of Trustees and the Sponsors’ Committee have assessed the benefits of accepting new employers inside and outside of Ontario's postsecondary education sector, and determined that this initiative is beneficial to the Plan and its members.

How growing Plan membership benefits existing members

In recent years, the Plan has been in discussion with various organizations, both inside and outside Ontario's public sector, interested in joining a Modern DB plan such as ours. The benefits to these organizations are evident—they would be joining an established and experienced jointly-sponsored pension plan. But what are the advantages to the CAAT Plan and its members?

As the Plan grows, existing CAAT Plan members continue to make contributions based on their earnings and accrue a secure lifetime pension with no impact to their entitlements and retirement options. In the long-term, as membership grows, all members can benefit from ongoing benefit security. The Plan can benefit from efficiencies and cost savings through any one of the following:

  • The pooling of administration, investment, and infrastructure costs.
  • Reduced risk and improvement in the timing and likelihood of contribution reductions.
  • Improved ability to withstand more adverse economic conditions.

A well thought-out initiative

Each decision undertaken by the Plan's governors is grounded in three strategic priorities: benefit security, contribution rate stability, and equity among members. Growing Plan membership provides the opportunity to further support these priorities, specifically:

  • Increasing contribution rate stability,
  • Improving the likelihood that the Plan will remain in a surplus funded position, and
  • Improving the likelihood of paying conditional inflation protection now and in the future.

Continued growth will help the Plan continue to achieve these goals for current and future Plan members. Furthermore, when assessing whether to welcome other organizations into the CAAT Plan, it is a key requirement of the Plan's governors that the financial health of the Plan cannot decline as a result of any merger. This means the Plan will not assume another plan's pension deficit or subsidize contributions rates of new employees that join.

Are you an employer, a representative of a member group, or an employee of an organization interested in joining the Plan’s DBplus design?

Visit for resources that will help you decide if DBplus is right for your organization. You'll also find the DBplus Value Tool, which lets prospective members estimate the lifetime retirement income they can earn in DBplus.