Growing Plan membership

As a Modern DB (Defined Benefit) pension plan, the CAAT Pension Plan is open to discussions with interested organizations (including those outside of Ontario's post-secondary education sector) about the possibility of joining the Plan. The CAAT Plan provides a proven solution for organizations that want to offer a cost-effective and sustainable pension to their employees.

Various organizations both in and outside the public sector have already joined the CAAT Plan, and now offer secure lifetime pensions to their employees. Even organizations that do not currently offer a pension plan, or that offer DC or RRSP arrangements, can take advantage of the opportunity to offer a cost-effective, sustainable pension solution to employees through the CAAT Pension Plan.

For organizations with existing defined benefit plans, such plans can be merged into the CAAT Plan, with the CAAT Plan taking over responsibility for all past liabilities. This was the case when the Royal Ontario Museum joined in 2016—the first to use Ontario's new regulation permitting the merger of a SEPP with a jointly-sponsored, multi-employer plan.

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Growing membership: The possibilities beyond the education sector

Derek W. Dobson discusses growing CAAT Pension Plan membership.

Latest news

CAAT Pension Plan in exploratory discussions with Torstar on merging its pension plans
Any pension merger must be mutually beneficial

(February 28, 2018) The CAAT Plan is in exploratory discussions with Torstar and its union representatives regarding a possible merger with the Torstar DB pension plans.

The CAAT Plan was contacted by representatives of Torstar following its successful merger with the Royal Ontario Museum pension plan and its openness to permitting private sector plans to join.

The CAAT Plan, Torstar, and union representatives are working through the details, including regulatory requirements that would be needed to move forward with the potential merger.

Preliminary analysis shows that a merger with the Torstar pension plans has the potential to align with the Plan’s strategic objectives of ensuring benefit security, contribution rate stability and intergenerational equity for current and future members. Any merger must meet the CAAT Plan’s guiding principles that it be in the best interest of the Plan, and the Plan would not assume any unfunded liabilities of the merging plan.

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