Our Statement of Workplace Values

Our Statement of Workplace Values - a focus on members

Everything we do at the CAAT Pension Plan is ultimately for our members.

As fiduciaries we:

  • Administer the pension benefits of members efficiently and dependably
  • Manage the Plan’s investments in a prudent, risk-controlled manner
  • Communicate professionally with members and other stakeholders with an emphasis on education and transparency
  • Think long term, recognizing that decisions have a long-term impact

We live by our workplace values, which reflect our member focus.


We have a duty of loyalty to the Plan’s members. All actions and decisions we take are in the members’ best interests, while addressing and balancing the needs of all our stakeholders. We adhere to all laws and regulations and maintain high ethical standards.


We maintain personal accountability while working in teams to accomplish our goals. Listening and collaboration are valued. We understand and believe that thinking, planning, and decision making are superior when done collectively. Once decisions are made, they are supported by all. CAAT Pension Plan is one team. Teamwork also extends to partnering with our employers and other service providers in servicing our members.


The work we do has impact on our members and stakeholders. Our resources and efforts must be focused to ensure that we maximize that impact, in support of our strategic initiatives and deliverables. We must strive to be effective and efficient, balancing time, quality, cost and risk by setting high goals, and then meeting them.

We do this in an environment where there is:

  • Respect and trust for each other – We maintain a workplace of mutual respect, free of discrimination and harassment, valuing our diversity.

  • Support for growth and well being – We are committed to an environment characterized by empowerment and opportunity for development. We allow for a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. We encourage healthy living.

  • Energy and optimism – We approach our goals with a “can-do” attitude.

  • Open communication internally and externally - We are open and honest about our challenges and decisions. Expectations are clearly communicated. Questioning and understanding are encouraged. We do what we say we will.

  • Celebration of success – We recognize our achievements, and all those who contributed to them.

  • Learning from our mistakes – We respond to our mistakes by being open about them and by learning from them.

  • Care for the environment – We strive to make smart choices to limit our impact on the environment.




We protect the privacy of your personal information

We are committed to workplace accessibility


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