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Modern Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans, such as the CAAT Pension Plan, are an efficient way to help members build a secure lifetime pension. They also act as a valuable way for employers to attract and retain talent.

In a Modern DB pension plan, members and employers share the risks and costs of the plan, and make all the decisions about the Plan together. Modern DB pension plans are good for members, good for employers, and good for Canada. And they need champions to help spread the word.

Read on for some facts about the CAAT Plan so you can become a Pension Champion.

A Modern DB pension plan, such as the CAAT Plan, is farsighted and a model pension plan for the future.

Derek W. Dobson, CEO & Plan Manager

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Retirement security is on most Canadians' minds
Studies indicate that even those aged 18 to 24 are willing to contribute more now in order to guarantee a predictable lifetime income in retirement.

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Modern DB pension plans are sustainable
As of January 1, 2019, the CAAT Pension Plan is 120% funded, with reserves of $2.6 billion. 

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Did you know? The CAAT plan is fully funded with reserves

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Contributions and investments work together
For every $1 of pension paid, about 75 cents comes from investment income. The rest is from equally shared member and employer contributions.

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Modern DB pension plans are relevant
Modern DB pensions are the best way for members to earn valuable pensions at a reasonable cost. DB pension plan members get a pension paid for their lifetime.

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DB pension plans benefit more than just members
DB pensions help Canada by reducing senior reliance on social programs, and providing investments in the economy.

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You get excellent value on the contributions you make
The average retired member of the CAAT Plan can expect to receive 800% of their contributions back in pension payments.

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