50 facts for 50 years

As the CAAT Plan turns 50, we’re taking the time to look back at our history. A lot has changed over the last five decades, and the Plan has adapted to remain strong and relevant in an evolving environment. For example, in 1988 part-time members became eligible to join the Plan and in 1995 we became an independently run Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plan.

As part of our 50th year, we’ll be providing a series of “50 facts” throughout the year. We are proud of this milestone and strongly believe the CAAT Pension Plan’s first 50 years are just the beginning.

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Facts 1-5 (January): Membership then and now

Facts 6-10 (February): Early retirement

Facts 11-15 (March): 50 years of change

Facts 16-25 (June): CAAT Plan Board and Funding

Facts 26-30: Plan origins

Facts 31-35: Most popular Plan features

Facts 36-50: The final 15 facts - survivors, service and strength